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    Brie + Jam Crostini



    I’m obsessed with appetizers.


    I’m the kind of person who would rather pick at a million different things all night than sit down to a full meal (and of course then I convince myself I didn’t eat nearly as much ;)



    And when I host a party, I like to have as many things as possible in mini size, like a fun size candy bar, the perfect amount for one person...

    Or at least the perfect amount for one person per one minute!!



    And though a baked brie can be heaven. It’s big, messy, and once all the good toppings are gone you are just left with melted cheese. 

    NOT that melted cheese isn’t arguably my favorite food. Oh! And un-melted cheese my second favorite…yes...that seems fair.






    So like everything else in my life I took a classic baked brie and made it mini!! These have all the flavors of a baked brie in a two bites (or one bite for my husband). Perfection...







    1 small baguette

    1 wedge Brie (approx. 6oz)

    1-1.5cups Raspberry Jam

    8 sprigs of Thyme


    Cut baguette into 16 ½-1inch thick slices, cutting on an angle. Toast until just lightly toasted. Top with a heaping tbs of jam, then a ¼- ½ inch slice of Brie and finally the leaves from about half a sprig of thyme. Put in a toaster oven or regular oven until cheese is mostly melted. Serve warm and ENJOY!



    • Lots of jams work with this recipe, my favs are apricot, strawberry and blackberry
    • Make sure to put a nice thick layer of jam, there should be an equal amount of jam to cheese
    • To get the thyme leaves off the stem easily simply run your fingers against the grain along the stem
    • These are still good even when they become room temp, the cheese stays a little melted






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    Looks really yummy, I wanna try.

    November 9, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercooking videos

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